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Forced Law of Contracts for Municipal UNITED STATES Corporation Government Services, Privileges, and Benefits – Part 3

The second separate function of these commercial corporations is to provide property management services relating to the government’s property.

This includes management of the buildings, motor vehicles, record systems, and parks, and providing police, an acronym for policy, code, and statutes enforcement services, etc.

In this function, the municipal corporation’s powers and authorities are similar to any private person acting in a proprietary capacity. The third separate function of these municipal corporations is the capacity to offer and market various benefits, privileges, and services of a non-governmental nature, outside the scope of what can be offered by the republic organized and constrained by the Federal territorial and Corporate Constitutions.

These benefits are private business activities controlled exclusively by the terms and conditions of the contract offer. The only constitutional provision governing these contract services is the constitutional prohibition on the impairment of the obligations of contracts you find in Article I section 10.

In this section, nearly all of the forced social services, privileges, benefits programs, professional and vehicle licensing, permit processes, regulatory services, etc, are provided.
This includes private government-run prisons.
Think about it..

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