"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

True Community Credit Union in Michigan

Did you know that “True Community Credit Union” in Michigan is an Investment company the same as all other Banks and Financial Institutions that borrow money to issue Credit Cards, Automobile Loans, and Mortgage loans? Well, they are, and guess what? These banks as well as the ‘True Community Credit Union’ borrows funds from Investor Trusts for your loan!

This makes all banks, credit unions, financial institutions, and Mortgage Lenders all DEBTORS. The Banks or “True Community Credit Union” claims to be the Creditor, but you are the actual Creditor by being the Maker, Creator, Creditor, Principal, and Beneficiary with your funding signature which they monetize and securitize that makes you the actual owner of the Credit Application, Mortgage NOTE Security and Credit Card, Automobile, or Mortgage Debt Lien Security when no one signs to accept your personal and private property. You do not borrow any money or funds for your Mortgage, Automobile, Credit Card, or any so-called Bank or financial Loans. “True Community Credit Union” is no different.

It is a proven fact of law in Title 12, United States Code, §1831(a) that no bank or the “True Community Credit Union” cannot lend their own money, assets, credit, or their depositors’ money.

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, and other bank trusts keeps funds flowing to lenders by purchasing or guaranteeing mortgage contract securities issued, not funded or money lent, by credit unions, banks, thrifts, and other financial institutions. Investor Trusts are the funders of mortgages and automobiles, not the bank or “True Community Credit Union”.

On Ginnie Mae’s own website states: “For 50 years, Ginnie Mae has provided liquidity and stability, serving as the principal financing arm for government mortgage loans and ensuring that mortgage lenders have the necessary funds to provide loans to customers. “

As you can see when you read the Investor Trusts’ websites, neither banks nor “True Community Credit Union” can lend their money or make lawful loans to consumers.
Think about it..

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