"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

The Bank and Court Debt Collector

The Bank and Court “Debt Collector” are always hard at work to force you into more debt and steal your money.

Did you know that the COURTS and Judges are debt collectors for the private corporate Banks and the United States Government? Yes, they are. The proof is in the Courts the Judges rule against the American people 99% of the time in favor of the Banks. In this way, the Banks can steal your property even though the Banks never loaned you money. Banks are ‘debt collectors’ too.

When the Banks cannot force you to pay money for an imaginary debt they turn your account over to incorporated “Debt Collectors” to strong-arm you by reporting your alleged debt to the credit agencies or credit bureaus to keep you from obtaining loans. Here at Cancel1Mortgage.info, we help you pay off these alleged debts that the debt collectors claim you never paid.

You do not have a contract with these debt collectors. Without your original blue inked signed contract with them, the debt collectors cannot collect any claimed debt. These debt collectors can and do make your life miserable by reporting false credit to credit agencies or credit bureaus. Most of the time these debt collectors are mini corporations owned by the Bank without your knowledge.

You should write these debt collectors a verification letter demanding they validate their claimed debt against you and show you the original contract with them. This is called a “Cease and Desist” letter requesting these debt collectors to permanently erase and delete the negative credit bureau debt from all your credit reports if and when they cannot provide the ORIGINAL contract between you and them under the FDPA. Think about it..

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