"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

PBNBA Membership And Preprocessed Promissory Note Payment Types Accepted

Some people have called and wanted to know if we would accept their promissory notes in payment for our Private Banker National Banking Association, PBNBA, Membership and our PBNBA, Bank Accepted, Preprocessed for a fee Promissory Notes, LPN and IPN.

Of Course we do accept all Monetized Promissory Notes in payment.

We accept all types of Monetized Federal Reserve Promissory Notes as we are not a Federal Reserve Bank and cannot monetize your signature to create money out of thin air as these banks do. These monetized promissory notes that we accept for payment for PBNBA membership or our Bank Accepted Preprocessed for a fee promissory notes include:

  1. Postal Money Orders
  2. Federal Reserve Promissory Note Dollars
  3. Cash
  4. Mailed Bank Check
  5. Mailed Certified Checks,
  6. Bank Wire Transfers
  7. Bank Transfers And Deposits into Our Bank Account

These are all bank monetized promissory notes that PBNBA accepts, as only banks can create money out of thin air. We cannot.

Visit www.PBNBA.com today and see how you can pay off your debts using the PBNBA preprocessed promissory notes that have been accepted by all banks for debt payoff in the USA.

AND join our family of Private Bankers as a Lifetime PBNBA member and save $500.00 on each PBNBA preprocessed, Bank Accepted, promissory notes that you invest in to pay off your debts, one at a time.