"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

LEGAL MAXIMS of REASON in the Common Law of the Land Part 2

Maxims are universally admitted established principles of law, as being just and consonant with reason:

Maxims are principles and authorities of general customs or common law of the land:

Maxims of the law are Holden for the law, and all other cases that may be applied to them shall be taken for granted.

Application of a case to the court is usually the only obstacle and this is why they push so hard with their presumption (not a fact in common law in the conclusion of law) of Jurisdiction – particularly “subject matter jurisdiction” for which almost all cases handed down are actually voidable due to the fact that the subject matter legislation, litigation, or lawsuit is not in “Affidavit form”.

This is a Very pertinent part of “Making” law to begin with let alone enforcing it!!!

They skip the lawful Federal Territorial jurisdiction because they presume that people reside in the STATE OF FLORIDA and not Temporarily Live in Florida, but they are wrong. Life here on earth is not permanent and no one lives forever.

Ask the accuser, government, corporation, bank, etc. to prove through your Motions or NOTICES to any Court that you are a U.S. 14th Amendment Citizen or legal fiction commercial government-created PERSON (Entity or Corporation).

They cannot prove it! Of which all the legislators will fulfill that legislation with an “Affidavit” under penalty of perjury and fraud … ?
NONE!!! Without any Attorney, Bank, Corporation, or government “Affidavit” the case is NOT of the same character for which a live man comes forth with his/her own affidavit/clarification/testament.
Think about it.

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