"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

Its Time To Get Out Of Your Country!

Do You Think That it’s Time to Get Out of America?

For many years, there have been those few people who have warned that the US, amongst a host of other countries, is headed inexorably toward a state of tyranny and that those who value their freedom would be advised to “Get out of America” especially if you are a resident of the UNITED STATES.

It’s advisable to have the new residence in place well in advance, along with the procurement of premises, and the movement of your assets, as these take time to put into place. The “well in advance” option has expired in the U.S. so you need to do it now.

The coronavirus is presently being used by the Powers That Be to remove one of your freedoms after another and to erase your rights. And whilst some people vainly hope that, once the virus has subsided, freedoms will return, that notion is quite mistaken. The White House’s virus guru Anthony Fauci has stated that the world will never return to what was considered “normal” before the coronavirus.

Is it time to “Get out of America”?

This notion that COVID-19 will be “the virus that never goes away” has been supported by the Gates Foundation-funded Imperial College of London.

It suggests that, like clockwork, every three months for the next eighteen months, COVID-19 will return for a series of encores, making it necessary for the government to once again clamp down on your freedoms in order to “keep the nation safe.”

No virus has ever behaved in this manner before, yet, under this notion, the globalists are really coming out of the woodwork, announcing an ever-growing number of new controls to cope with the anticipated encores. Perhaps the most disturbing of these is the planned introduction of a federally funded tracking system for all U.S. Citizens, to determine your locations 24/7 and to track your behavior. Is it time to “Get out of America”?

Those monitoring the system will then calculate your “personal risk scores.” Those with insufficient scores may be quarantined and denied employment or travel locally, national, or international. It’s the Orwellian system that China relies on to control the movements of its people. Is it time to “Get out of America”?

The system has been described in the US as being especially necessary, to control those who may refuse vaccination.
After all, for those who use their constitutional right to decline to be vaccinated, a suitable punishment must exist, and that punishment will be a further loss of essential freedoms.

Researchers hope to have a working app in place by August as the operative date with vaccines possibly coming later. From that date forward, it would be advisable to presume that a tracking system will be in place and that personal risk scores will be in use. Is it time to “Get out of America”?

At any time after August, it will be uncertain as to whether a given individual will be allowed the “privilege” to earn a living, to socialize or to travel.

You cannot be certain that any specific individual will be refused the choice to “Get out of America,” but you can be certain that, in the future, this will no longer be a right. This will become a privilege that will either be allowed or not, depending on the decision of a faceless bureaucracy to whom it may or may not be possible to appeal.

However, in the US – the country that is now leading the way toward a more totalitarian state – those of you who value your freedom may choose to pick up sticks and beat a hasty exit, as the window to do so may soon be closing within the next 8 years or less. Is it time to “Get out of America”?

The ripple effects of the global pandemic are only starting to take shape. The consequences of shutting down the economy again, and printing unprecedented amounts of money, could be crippling to the average person—particularly you savers, retirees, and investors.

The U.S. Government has granted themselves all sorts of new powers with TRUMP’S EXECUTIVE ORDERS this past March. The devastating negative impact on your personal freedom, rights, and liberty will be long-lasting and permanent unless you People rise up in rebellion and overthrow the GOVERNMENT THAT HAS GROWN TOO BIG TO FAIL while you sit with gloves and masks as robots obeying the orders of a few men that they persuade you to think they have authority over you. Is it time for you to “Get out of America” while you still can? Think about it..

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