"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

Direct Taxation Without Representation and Your Future Part 1

In this 3 part video series, you will learn how you are being robbed by your Government.

This video is part 1..

Robbery may be considered by some as unfair or a crime. Taxation is a form of robbery.

Well, let’s check the dictionary for a definition:
“Robbery is defined as taking away of goods or property by force or intimidation.”

Well, that certainly fits the bill. Of course, Inland Revenue (or the IRS, CRA, etc., depending upon where you’re from) would say that it’s not robbery if it’s lawful. As I see it, the fact that a Statute, Code, or Law has been passed by the Corporate Government to allow robbery does not change it from being robbery.
It’s merely institutionalized robbery under the Color of Law. Color of law looks like law to fool the people, but it is not law.

Academics might say that we elect representatives to run the central government and those representatives are then entrusted to pass the laws, which we must then meekly follow.
Again, this argument doesn’t hold water for me, as these individuals may have been elected, I should say VOTED IN, but they most certainly do not “represent” me if they pass a law that says it’s okay to rob me. No government has ever asked me for permission to take my money simply because they want it, and I have never given it.

If there’s any question as to whether the above definition is correct, I’d be happy to see it put to the test:

The internet now makes it possible individualized referendum. If we were to all be questioned as to whether we wish to be taxed, we could easily decide on an individual basis. I’m guessing that I wouldn’t be alone if I were to say, “No, thank you.”

But, to be fair, I do approve of taxation, but only indirect taxation – taxation based on consumption.
It is lawful in the Cayman Islands, and people there receive good value for their money.

Many would say that it would be impossible to operate any government without direct taxation, yet this is not so. In the U.K., income tax was initiated in 1799 to pay for the Napoleonic Wars, and the tax never went away.
In Canada, income tax was initiated in 1917 to pay for World War One, and the tax never went away. In the U.S., income tax was initiated in 1913 as a means to compensate for lost revenue due to recently decreased tariffs (clever), and the tax never went away.
In the U.S., gasoline tax was initiated in 1972 for the oil embargo shortage and the tax never went away but increased.
Think about it..

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