"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

Did you Pay for Your Property with Substance?

Did you Pay for Your Property with Substance?“ Wait a minute!” You say! “How can all of this bank fraud and government fraud possibly be?” AND what about my property?

Now, this brings into question such things as your property and your right to own property that is guaranteed by all three United States of America Constitutions and your state constitution! (Not to mention the property and right to own property of the whole entire American separate 50 Country Nations called states).

Your car or home that you have mortgaged, or received on your good credit for example! Who really owns them? Were they registered with the State Of Government in their imaginary commercial world? If so the government the State owns your item’s property.

Did you pay for them with “Substance” or “Consideration”? (silver coins or gold coins). Or did you EXCHANGE “serial number-laden” dollar bills as debt for them?

How can you pay for an item of great value (car, home, or real estate) with “Debt?” Debt equals Death.. You can’t! You can ONLY exchange possession (temporary possession) of it.

Temporary possession of it until such time as the so-called Bank Investment Companies and Government “Creditors” decide to “foreclose” on the outstanding alleged debt!

…And “ALL” PROPERTY that they assert is “collateral” of the Debt that they claim but cannot prove under any law or color of law statutes, codes, rules, regulations, policy, or court case! The United States Supreme Court law of the land common law and State Supreme Courts have ruled that these are color of law and are not the law in many cases, not just one.

Remember this: Having a “Certificate of Title” to your car does NOT “legally” establish your “ownership” of that car. Legal wise, a “Certificate of Title” is ONLY a “Certificate” of the Title and NOT the “Title” itself! A Bill of Lading!!


Regarding your car: Have you ever “SECURED” the Title through a Commercial Lien? So then, with this all said and done, you’re probably wondering how all of this affects you. And what does all of this have to do with Discharging debt, stopping foreclosures, repossessions, discharging traffic tickets, or court processes, or anything else? I will gladly answer that, and much, much more for you!

For now, think of a situation as relates to being pulled over by a police officer and written a traffic ticket – for, say, not wearing a seatbelt or speeding.
Depending upon the individual state, usually, a citation of this type calls for payment of about $75 dollars. Unless, of course, you opt to challenge the citation in court, right? Think about it..

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