Scammers Everywhere To RIP YOU OFF, BEWARE

The Scammer that has been ripping my future customers off has a new team that calls you if you call my old phone number or email me at Somehow, beyond my knowledge, he intercepts either my emails and/or my phone calls, so PLEASE, for your own SAFETY, SKYPE me with my username of “dayglobal” Read more about Scammers Everywhere To RIP YOU OFF, BEWARE[…]

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Hidden Government Stimulus Benefit Bails Out Homeowners

You Deserve This Government Benefit so take advantage now. Did you know about this little known hidden Government Benefit package that bails out homeowners with a mortgage? If you are a homeowner with mortgage debt, you deserve to know how the Government has set aside billions of dollars as a stimulus package for your benefit. Read more about Hidden Government Stimulus Benefit Bails Out Homeowners[…]

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11 Top Reasons Voting

If you vote for Government officials either as a Democrat or Republican, you are voting for corporation officials as a NON-RATIFIED 14th AMENDMENT CITIZEN/PERSON/DEBT SLAVE that was added to the Second Corporate Rewritten Constitution, the ACT OF 1871 where the Elite Banksters’ BAR ATTORNEYS rewrote and forked just like the forks of the road splitting Read more about 11 Top Reasons Voting[…]

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My Take on the Man-Made Corona Virus and other Monetary Issues This man and my family are safe from all this Government laboratory man-made Corona Virus crap.. We wash our hands with Alcohol or Clorox wipes or a spray with one of these from a small spray bottle when we have contact with things others Read more about CoronaVirus[…]

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