"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

Cash Is TOXIC From Panic FEAR Part 4

Once again, the elites are planning a huge change to the foundation of our financial system. American businesses have already decided to usher in this cashless plan themselves now. 

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Think this is SCIENCE FICTION??

It is in the makes now from Microsoft Corporation. Their digital dollar currency Patent 060606, Cryptocurrency chip system using your body activity data on credit cards and cell phones.
In short: Microsoft has invented an embedded chip that can sense a person’s movement, body temperature, heart rate, eye activity, blood flow — even your brain waves — in order to track all your body’s activity and transmit a digital currency wirelessly.
Cash is toxic from panic fear

Just a few weeks ago, Visa revealed its own brand-new patent on an electronic currency system that and I quote:

“Causes the removal of the physical currency in a fiat currency system.”

Let me repeat:
Causes the REMOVAL of the physical currency.
In other words, Visa’s new system takes paper cash out of circulation – and replaces it with a digital ‘dollar’. 

I’ve highlighted the important section… It says: The removal of the physical currency from circulation includes physically destroying the physical currency.
All told, the “Better Than Cash Alliance” for a CASHLESS SOCIETY with NO RIGHTS, FREEDOM, only GOVERNMENT CONTROL includes 75 different world governments, companies, and major international organizations. Think about it..

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