"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

CAP Financial Security Details

Click the PLAY Button on this audio below NOW to learn about the CAP Financial Security instrument that will pay off any bank debt..

Please click to listen about how money is created by your signature..

Find out how long it will take to become Debt Free with the Legally Licensed CAP Financial Security Instrument! The CAP Financial Security Instrument is also for International Debts in foreign Countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, and South Africa. Yes, we cover foreign Countries now!

We offer a 100% Money-Back guarantee on our Credit Agreement Debt Payoff CAP Security Instrument Promissory Note Processing if it does not pay off your debt when and if you follow and implement our written client instructions.. Details upon request when you call David on SKYPE: username of: dayglobal CLICK HERE To Call Me with any questions AFTER you have read all the page links on this site..

Pay off your Residential or commercial/business debt utilizing the bank approved and very successful CAP Security Instrument.

PAY OFF and DISCHARGE Your Mortgage, Lien Contract Security DEBT, and all other types of residential and commercial/business bank and financial debts with a legally processed Credit Agreement Payoff Security, CAP Security Instrument PROMISSORY NOTE, today that is legally processed by a STATE licensed processor, the same as a Bank or Lender Mortgage Promissory NOTE, their Mortgage Lien Contract Securities, and Automobile Credit Applications are processed to create money and Debt lien securities from your signature out of thin air as the MODERN MONEY MECHANICS CHICAGO BANK Book verifies to put you in debt and robs you of your ESTATE inheritance, but the CAP Financial Security Instrument pays off debts instead…

Credit Agreement Debt Payoff, CAP, Financial Security Instrument “promissory note debt instrument” pays debts and loans in 14 days

We are not a Government Created Sovereign Citizen Movement that the Foreign Private BAR COURTS are beginning to misquote from a Misleading Internet Private hate and misrepresentation of information Banksters’ website without any proof in law, STATUTES or due process…

See my YOUTUBE Videos Dispelling this COURT AND BANK Created myth on the David Young YOUTUBE CHANNEL to you’re your advantage over the Bank in all court cases. Please subscribe while you are there and also follow us on Twitter.

As I present factual information on the Bank money, debt scam, and fraud, there is no such animal as a sovereign Citizen. Either you are a sovereign man or woman of the Earth under the Magna Carter Human Rights Treaty, the 1776 American Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Northwest Ordinance, and the Constitution FOR the United States of America Union of Nation-states in North America, OR YOU are a U.S. 14th Amendment CITIZEN, ARTIFICIAL PERSON, LEGAL FICTION, RESIDENT, and DEBT SLAVE to the BANKSTERS, GOVERNMENT, and BAR COURTS!!

This CAP Security Instrument has the same legal effect as the Banks’ and Lenders’ processed credit promissory notes, Mortgage NOTES, and mortgage lien application contract promissory note securities and Automobile Credit Applications..

You can use The Registered Credit Agreement Payoff Security, CAP as a legal tender of payment and U.S. Currency (Money), pursuant to Banking Law that all banks and financial institutions have legally accepted to pay off any bank, lender, court, and government debt today!

This is the HOME of the 100% MONEY BACK CAP Security Service Processing Refund GUARANTEE for the Credit Agreement Debt Payoff Security if the CAP Security does not get your bank debt paid off “IF AND “WHEN” you follow my written client instructions and sue the bank to win any court case at your requested hearing or Trial by Jury without hiring an ATTORNEY”..

Description of CAP Security Instrument E-booklet.

“This SPECIAL, Credit Agreement Payoff, CAP Security, E-booklet is for informational and educational purposes only.. It will explain the laws that make the SPECIAL, Credit Agreement Payoff, CAP Security instrument a Legal Tender Of Payment for all types of financial debts and mortgage and note full payment, even if current with payments, behind on payments, or in foreclosure; copies of the bank approved CAP Securities; verifiable debt paid off proof; about the items needed to pay off your Residential or Commercial/Business MORTGAGE LIEN, MORTGAGE PROMISSORY NOTE, and all other bank Debts; THE PROCESSING FEES; How to make money by helping others in your own independent contractor business on the BUSINESS IN A BOX Page; and the cost of the SPECIAL, Credit Agreement Payoff, CAP Security, Promissory Note Mortgage and Debt Payoff Processing for your situation! Whether or not you decide to use the SPECIAL, Credit Agreement Payoff, CAP Security, to get you DEBT FREE is your choice. The CAP Security Instrument is NOT a DO-IT-YOURSELF Process.. This e-booklet does NOT show or tell you HOW TO create or process a CAP Security yourself!!!!!!!”

The CAP Security Instrument will payoff:

  • Residential Mortages
  • IRS Taxes
  • Property Taxes
  • Back Child Support
  • Commercial Mortgage leans
  • Business Debts

Alll types of Bank and Government debts or loans can be paid in full with a Credit Agreement Payoff Security, CAP Financial Security Instrument.

For a bank or government loan or DEBT of $10,000.00 up to $10,000,000.00 Million Dollars for each CAP processed by our company that is State Licensed In 14 Days..

There is no refund for either the e-booklets or the completed processing if you make a mistake in your ITEMS NEEDED, another processing cost of re-processing is required.

When you order the CAP Security Instrument e-booklet, you will be redirected after payment to the download page!

so you can Instantly download the CAP Security Promissory Note debt payoff E-booklet PDF, Agreement, and the Word Document ITEMS NEEDED for us to process the Credit Payoff Agreement Promissory Note Security and the PBNBA Membership is included in the one low price of processing!! After payment, RIGHT CLICK on each to download to your COMPUTER as it will NOT download to a PHONE!!

We are also a proud member and business associate of the Private Bankers National Association, PBNA, at www.PBNBA.com, a legal NON-Incorporated, but registered Constitutional Chartered Common Law National Bank in the Florida Republic and the Texas Republic pursuant to U.S. and International common Law, that is considered by legal Federal definitions, a “National Banking Association” and makes the Private Banker a Creditor and a “NATIONAL BANK” under U.C.C. Congressional Legislative Positive Banking Law; Negotiable Instruments Act; Tender Act; among other various UNITED STATES Laws and we are authorized to legally process your Promissory Note Credit Agreement Debt Payoff Security, CAP Security, Bank Money, the same as the banks of a Mortgage Promissory Note along with the Credit Lien Contract Payoff Security Legal Document that is included in our processing, that is to be treated as legal tender of payment and U.S. currency under Federal, State, and Banking Law. We legally process the Credit Agreement Payoff Security Instrument, CAP, for all states..

Imagine getting your debts paid off/discharged, including Student loans, Back Child Support debt, and both Residential and Commercial Business Mortgages to get your home or business free and clear with a zero ($0.00) balance on your credit reports with the Credit Agreement Payoff Security Promissory Note legally, pursuant to law, used as Money pursuant to FEDERAL and STATE law that you can use to pay back the claimed alleged debt once this Promissory Note is processed and accepted by the Bank or Servicer when the banks do not follow the Terms and Conditions of the processed Credit Agreement Payoff Security Promissory Note Credit Agreement Security! AND they never do. Lots of people have tried our legally processed Credit Agreement Payoff Security Promissory Note and have successfully paid off their homes and other debts the same as I have.
See our testimonials page to read the success stories from our clients.

We now offer a 100% Money-Back Service processing Refund Guarantee if you do not get your mortgage debt paid off ONLY WHEN AND IF you follow our written client instructions EXACTLY. The details of this Money Back Guarantee are in our client instructions after your legal CAP Security debt termination process purchasing.”

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