"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

Banks Lead You To Believe A Private Banker Is A Stock Broker

Banks Lead You To Believe A Private Banker Is A Stock Broker by managing wealthy clients’ investment portfolios from within the banks. This is not true!

The legal definition of a Private Banker is: anyone engaged in the business of banking issuing promissory notes to create money or to pay off, discharge debts by using your signature that these banks monetize and securitize.

The belief that you can make money, millions of dollars in salary or commission per year being a Private Banker is a lie perpetrated by the Federal Reserve Banks that control the stock market and the United States Government Corporation to keep you poor and in debt so the banks can make money off your energy and labor.

The Private Banker National Banking Association, PBNBA, at www.PBNBA.com can change that when you become a Lifetime Member to be able to with rights and authority to pay off your debts as a Private Banker by writing or signing your signature on the PBNBA prepossessed for a fee promissory notes and issue these to the banks to pay off your alleged debts.

Upon acceptance, the banks create money out of thin air using your signature as collateral on the PBNBA prepossessed promissory note by monetizing your signature to assign to another bank, cash in at the treasury window, or to trade on the stock market in order to get their money back many times over.

Title 31 U.S.C. Congressional Statutes At Large Positive Public Policy and Public Law under the Uniform Commercial Code of World Contract Law gives anyone as a PBNBA Lifetime Member the right and authority to issue our prepossessed International Promissory Notes, IPN, and USA Domestic Promissory Notes, LPN, to banks to pay off alleged loans and debts under Common Law, USA Federal Law, and World Treaty Law. These Banking Laws are world-wide.

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