"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

A Tale of Two Bankers

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times in America. There is a Public Banker under the Federal Reserve Corporation, a member of the bank corporations and there is the Private Banker under the Private Bankers National Banking Association, PBNBA, a member of the Common Law and Federal law National Banking Association.

Both Bankers are under the Federal Reserve Banking Act, and the U.C.C. universal code of law on the public commercial side. Both bankers can process and issue promissory notes used as money, legal tender, and United States Currency.

The public banker processes promissory notes to presumed borrows to create money by forcing your signatures on the promissory note without you having the time to read what you sign and without full knowledge that the promissory note that you, the alleged borrower, write and is then money that you just gave the bank as the first loan.

And the bank turns around and loans you their credit in the form of their loan which is your first loan given back to you as a loan of both principal and interest that you have to pay back; therefore, borrowing money into existence as per the Public Incorporated Banks own publications, rules, and regulations that states that this is how money is created by the banks.

The Private Banker of the unincorporated Private Bankers National Banking Association, PBNBA, under Federal, U.C.C., and Common Law also processes promissory notes for its Private banker members to write, make, and issue these promissory notes as full payment and full settlement of the debt to the bank corporations.

The PBNBA promissory notes are money also, but given to and accepted by the Public Banker with full disclosure by you as a member of the Private Bankers National Banking Association, PBNBA, to pay off your presumed debt with full settlement under Common, Federal and U.C.C. Law without waiting years and maybe losing your property to the public incorporated banks.

So as you can see, you, as a lifetime member of the Private Bankers National Banking Association, PBNBA, can pay off your debts with promissory notes that are processed by the Private Bankers National Banking Association, PBNBA, for mere pennies on the dollar or normally less than 1% of your alleged bank loan at www.PBNBA.com today.