"Modern Slaves are no longer shackled in Chains, they are now SHACKLED with DEBT."

A Fraudulent Insurance Policy that Changed EVERYTHING

In 1933 the United States put its insurance policy into place with House Joint Resolution 192 and recorded it in the Congressional Record. Little did they know that this House Joint Resolution that later became Public Law 73-10, Chapter 48 Sections 112 and 113 that made the government obligated to pay all debts incurred by the American People, but did not explain how to pay or debts by the Government.

This public law is also the remedy for all slave debts to be paid off and discharged? It was not required to be promulgated in the Federal Register. An Executive Order issued on April 5, 1933, paved the way for the withdrawal of gold in the United States.

Representative Louis T. McFadden brought formal charges on May 23, 1933, against the Board of Governors of the Federal Private Reserve Bank system, the Comptroller of the Currency, and the Secretary of the United States Treasury (Congressional Record May 23, 1933 page 4055-4058). HJR 192 passed on June 3, 1933. Mr. McFadden claimed and stated on June 10, 1933:

“Mr. Chairman, we have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks…”

HJR 192 is the insurance policy that protects legislators from convictions for fraud and treason against the American people. It also protects you, the American people, from damages caused by the actions of the United States and provides a debt remedy. THIS DEBT REMEDY CAN BE FOUND AT Cancel1Mortgage.info.

For speaking as he did, Mr. McFadden was poisoned by the powers that be by agents of that territorial federal corporation government.

HJR 192 provided that the one with the gold paid the bills. It removed the requirement that the United States subjects, citizens, persons, entities, and employees had to pay their debts with gold.

It actually prohibited the inclusion of a clause in all subsequent contracts that would require payment in gold. It also canceled the clause in every contract written prior to June 5, 1933, that required an obligation to be paid in gold – retroactively. But there is still a Gold Clause” and “Adhesion Contract” in every mortgage and automobile contract today.

It provided that the Territorial Federal United States Government subjects, citizens, persons, entities, and employees or anyone loyal to the United States Government could use any type of coin and currency to discharge a public debt as long as it was in use in the normal course of business in the United States.

New Credit Agreements and Promissory Notes are a type of currency used every day in the normal course of business.

For a time, United States Notes were the currency used to pay debts as they were backed by gold and silver, but later in 2013 with the passing of the Corporate Federal Private Reserve Act, the Federal Private Reserve, and the United States provided a new medium of exchange through paper notes, and debt instruments, that were backed by only the good faith and credit of the American people and not by intrinsic value such as gold or silver, that could be passed on to debtors or creditors to discharge the alleged consumer debtor’s debts, not pay your debts, but discharge your debts.

That same fiat or pretend FRD currency, Federal Private Reserve Corporation Fiat Note Dollars, is used to discharge public debts. The New Credit Agreement Debt Lien Payoff Security form of money can also discharge bank debts. Take note; the Federal Private Reserve Note Dollars have no intrinsic consideration value, but are only backed by the Good Faith and Credit of the United States Government and not by metal coins of intrinsic value as stated by the Federal Reserve Act section 16 and 18! Think about it..

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